Pronto Medical Technologies Inc. is a biotech company that aims at combining next-generation medical and engineering technology platforms with business development capabilities.


    To provide the next-generation of molecular diagnostic testing infectious diseases by using a first of its kind plasmonic-based nanoparticle PCR platform, that offers extremely rapid and reliable results for all health care practitioners.


Healthcare Threat

Though PCR has revolutionized the medical genetic research, its real impact is yet to come. Infectious pathogens remain an enormous healthcare threat across the world. Pathogen detection still remains a laborious and time consuming process and has enabled the current practice of the use of broad spectrum antibiotics, thereby promoting the emergence of resistant “super bugs”.

Instantaneous Detection

Our PCR platform offers the ability to make instantaneous infectious pathogenic detection a reality. Rapid detection and analysis empowers clinicians and healthcare workers to order appropriate therapeutic interventions and initiate early infection control measures. Such actions will prevent disease outbreaks and save valuable resources.

Our Price Point

Pronto’s Plasmonic PCR in POC Diagnostics platform truly qualifies as an upcoming disruptive technology, as existing PCR platforms are not only relatively slow, expensive to purchase and use, but are also energy costly and lack portability. Our price point will allow us to compete in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as penetrate the smaller markets in the developing world.

Plasmonic PCR Platform Technology

Our PCR technology is unique in PCR-Ultra-fast approaches, as it simply requires the inclusion of extremely efficient plasmonic nanoparticles as nanoheaters and driven by light, within PCR mixes, to manage the temperature of the reaction. This allows for the first time the possibility for a simple low-cost, small footprint, self-powered portable and rapid diagnostic point of care PCR system. Our unique light driven PCR reaction technique uses the same nanoparticles to monitor in real time amplicon production, in a label-free reaction. Because of its extreme efficiency we have completed the fastest 30 cycle PCR reaction in the world, in 54 seconds!

Benefits of Plasmonic PCR Platform

  • No solid state heaters.
  • Highly stable temperature control.
  • PCR temperature cycling by optical modulation.
  • Simple instrumentation.
  • Scalability and portability.
  • Can be extended beyond medical diagnostics to also include other applications (agriculture, military and bioterrorism, forensics).


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